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'To achieve our goals of educating bold and ambitious children, we must invest in enriching, quality early child care and learning.'


Lighthouse Preschool is a beacon of bilingual education in English and Mandarin Kindergarten located in the heart of Ara Damansara. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, stimulating, and inclusive environment for young learners, serving as a beacon of guidance on their journey to becoming competent bilingual communicators.


Our distinct blend of curriculum, facilities, and dedicated staff sets us apart from the competition.

We take a comprehensive approach to your child’s education, incorporating the finest Early Childhood Education best teaching practices and aligning them with Early Years Framework.

We place a strong emphasis on nature play and environmental sustainability through programmes that feature eco-conscious playgrounds, outdoor and nature-centric activities, and the incorporation of natural materials in our instruction.

Our extracurricular offerings are tailored to suit the interests of children at each stage. We bring some of the best teachers in their fields to offer music lessons, soccer, martial arts, and language classes among others in our school.

Our team of educators takes pride in leveraging our collective years of experience from teaching in the region’s top schools to create and deliver a truly unparalleled preschool programme.

Teaching Practices


Play-based learning

Play is a natural way for young children to learn new concepts and skills. Incorporating play into daily lessons allows children to learn in a fun and engaging way.

Multi-sensory instruction

Children learn through all their senses. Hands-on activities, music, movement, and visual aids make learning more meaningful and memorable.

Individualized instruction

Each child learns at their own pace and in their unique way. Teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every child in their classroom.

Positive reinforcement

Encourage children to try their best, and provide praise and positive reinforcement for their efforts. Children who feel good about themselves are more likely to be engaged and motivated learners.

Routines & expectations

Establishing clear expectations and routines helps children feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Routines provide structure and predictability, which helps children focus on learning.


Encourage children to work together to solve problems, share ideas, and learn from each other. Collaboration helps build important social-emotional skills and promotes a growth mindset.


At Lighthouse Preschool, we prioritize convenience and family time by inviting your favorite teachers to conduct a wide array of extra-curricular activities right within our premises.

This approach eliminates the need for parents to travel to multiple locations for their children’s extra lessons and ensures that weekends remain dedicated to quality family time.

By offering a diverse range of enriching activities at our school, we provide children with ample opportunities for growth and development while preserving precious moments for families to bond and create lasting memories.


At Lighthouse Preschool, we believe every child is a beacon of light with boundless potential, waiting to be discovered. Our philosophy rests on the tenets of respect, curiosity, diversity, and a deep commitment to bilingual education. We strive to cultivate each child’s individual talents and strengths, creating a strong foundation for lifelong learning and global awareness.

Established in 2023, Lighthouse Preschool quickly grew into a trusted English and Mandarin Kindergarten due to our dedication to quality education and a balanced bilingual approach. Today, we serve an expansive community of families, sharing in the joy and responsibility of nurturing the next generation of global citizens.


Bilingual Brilliance

We believe in the power of language and the benefits of bilingual education. Our preschool provides a nurturing environment where children have the opportunity to develop fluency in both languages, fostering their cognitive, social, and cultural growth.

Best Teaching Techniques

We are dedicated to implementing research-based and innovative teaching approaches. Our educators stay updated with the latest educational practices to create captivating and effective learning experiences for our students. We believe in providing a dynamic and stimulating environment that fosters curiosity and critical thinking

Excellent Education

We are committed to delivering high-quality education. Our dedicated team of teachers ensures that each child receives an exceptional learning experience, tailored to their individual needs. We continuously strive for excellence in teaching and learning.

Joyful Journeys

We strive to make learning a joyful and jubilant experience for our students. We create an environment that nurtures their curiosity, ignites their passion for learning, and instills a lifelong love of knowledge. We believe that a positive and pleasurable learning atmosphere enhances academic achievement and overall well-being.

Respectful Unity

We celebrate diversity and create a welcoming and inclusive community for all. We promote respect, empathy, and understanding among our students, teachers, and families. Our preschool values and venerates the uniqueness of each individual, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Collaborative Connections

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership between teachers, parents, and the wider community. We actively engage parents in their child's learning journey and encourage open communication. By working together, we create a strong support system that enhances the overall educational experience for our students.

Holistic Harmony

We recognize the importance of nurturing the whole child. Our curriculum focuses not only on academic achievements but also on fostering social, emotional, physical, and creative development. We aim to provide a well-rounded education that prepares children for lifelong success.


Ready to be part of our vibrant community? We invite you to explore Lighthouse Preschool, your ideal English and Mandarin Kindergarten, and see firsthand the transformative power of bilingual education. Schedule a visit today and embark on a journey of lifelong learning with us.

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